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Reading the posts in this thread has calztryised some of my own thoughts about the meaning of the pre-crash connections of our main characters specifically, what if this interconnectedness is not part of any human master plan, but truly a manifestation of Fate?The Hanso Foundation and its DHARMA Initiative may (almost certainly DOES) have a long range plan or goal, and may have caused the crash of Flight 815 to further these plans/goals, but it's the designs of Fate that have brought this specific group together. It's this group, and thier specific connections/strengths/weakenesses/whatever that will lead to the downfall of the DHARMA Initiative (or maybe to its fullfillment). Fate is the wild card, the X-factor, that the humans of the D.I. can't control. Man proposes, God disposes. On a related note, I just can't believe any human agency could cause the kind of plane wreck we witnessed (and we did witness the plane breaking up) and be able to control who, if anyone, survived. If that's what turns out to have happened, then we've moved into the realm of the supernatural. So far, nothing that's happened can't be explained in a rational, scientific way (although the black smoke of the presumed Cerberus system comes closer than anything).

that still ring in your head and that you carry with you in life? The first thing that popped into my head was my mother saying “Books are our friends!” I almost laughed out loud. No sage advice about finances or relationships or the deeper questions of life. No catchy little witticisms unique to our family, simply “Books are our friends.”I remember that one of my earliest goals in life was set at age four. I discovered that in order to get my very own library card I had to be able to print my name. That skill was quickly mastered so I could proudly walk into any library with my very own card! In fact, I still have that worn, dog-eared little card somewhere in some box of cherished childhood mementos. I don’t think I ever had it in me to throw away a library card, even an expired one! This may have actually ranked up there above getting my first driver’s license, although I was the first in line at the DMV at 8:00 AM on my sixteenth birthday. Okay, maybe that one is a tie.One of my favorite stories about myself as a child occurred when I was in the first grade. Our little school library was opened to the various grades one day a week. Library Day was always greatly anticipated and I remember often wearing my favorite dress in honor of it. (Yes, a book nerd at a very early age!) One week the unthinkable occurred. It was Library Day for the first graders and I didn’t have my library card with me! It was totally unacceptable to think that I would not be able to get a new book for the week. I had to think quickly to avert this crisis! Library Day. No library card. But determination. Strong desire for new books. And, a carton of milk! Perfect! A quick spilling of the milk down my dress resulted in the calculated call to my mother who came to get me and take me home to change clothes.On the way home, conscience got the best of me and I started to cry. My mother was so comforting, thinking that I was distressed over the spilt milk on one of my favorite dresses. When I confessed that I had actually spilled the milk on purpose because I desperately needed to get home to get the forgotten library card, she laughed and hugged me! She was so proud! At the time I’m sure I was a little stunned at that behavior, but now I cherish it as affirmation of the encouragement my mother always had for our learning. Later she told of a friend of hers about the incident who had said I should have been punished or grounded for that behavior. My mother had replied “Why on earth would I ever punish my child for wanting to read?” Of course, she did explain that next time a simple phone call home would suffice and she would bring the forgotten library card to me.I’ve carried that love of books in my heart my entire life. For years I have given favorite children’s books at baby showers encouraging young mothers to read to their children. No redundant baby booties or onesies from me. The children in my life have received seasonal classics in Easter Baskets, at Halloween and at Christmas instead of candy or toys. Hopefully I’ve been able to instill in them that books are more than pieces of paper with ink, held together in bindings. They are so very much more. After all, books truly are our friends.”

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Reading the posts in this thread has crystalized some of my own thoughts about the meaning of the pre-crash connections of our main characters… specifically, what if this interconnectedness is not part of any human “master plan,” but truly a manifestation of Fate?The Hanso Foundation and its DHARMA Initiative may (almost certainly DOES) have a long range plan or goal, and may have caused the crash of Flight 815 to further these plans/goals, but it’s the designs of Fate that have brought this specific group together. It’s this group, and thier specific connections/strengths/weakenesses/whatever that will lead to the downfall of the DHARMA Initiative (or maybe to its fullfillment). Fate is the wild card, the X-factor, that the humans of the D.I. can’t control.“Man proposes, God disposes.”On a related note, I just can’t believe any human agency could cause the kind of plane wreck we witnessed (and we did witness the plane breaking up) and be able to control who, if anyone, survived. If that’s what turns out to have happened, then we’ve moved into the realm of the supernatural. So far, nothing that’s happened can’t be explained in a rational, scientific way (although the black smoke of the presumed Cerberus system comes closer than anything).

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