ētera tālr.
reklāmas tālr.
Radio Valmiera Rīgā FM 106.8 MHz
TOP 20 01.03.2009 23:19

Radio Valmiera TOP20 no 2.marta ar tevi tiksies pirmdienās plkst.16.00 un atkārtojumā piektdienu pēcpusdienā, lai vēstītu par tavām iemīļotākajām latviešu un ārzemju izpildītāju dziesmām. TOP20 turpmāk vadīs Radio Valmiera ētera personība Andris Jurga.

Balsot par savām 3 mīļākajām dziesmām joprojām vari Radio Valmiera mājas lapā par topā jau iekļuvušām dziesmām vai arī izvēlēties kādu no 5 kandidātdziesmām. Ja topā tomēr nav tava mīļākā dziesma, vari to ieteikt!

Atceries - no marta klausies Radio Valmiera jaunajā frekvencē FM 98,1.


Iesaku top 20 : Zigmārs Krastiņš - Šajā pasaulē

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1, the difference is not obvious enough Mop human flesh search engine and forums. Or Mop, human flesh search engine only forum one application only, any necessary human flesh search engine services must be users of the forum, which reduces user popularity.
2, Mp too game. Mp virtual currency, is the game of the currency, which also gives the the Mop human flesh search engine plus a game of tag. Do bounty hunter who is just like the game atmosphere, or this can be Mp virtual currency incentive, which affect the expansion of the team of bounty hunters, thus affecting the expansion of the human flesh search engine.
3, the the Mop human flesh search engine can not preserve the historical record, every time there is a problem, it will trigger a distributed search. Even if the problem is coach outlet store online repeated, it will also trigger this process, and the same question asked at different times, the answer might be different, not the consistency of the results given the same answer.
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Here speak of "human flesh search" is different from the machine search (ie, another search for information outside of the coach outlet canada Chinese Internet users often use search engines such as Baidu, Google). Similar to the Baidu search engine, they belong to the machine search, most of the process is done by machines that computer. We all know that, as early as June 2007, the human flesh search term for the Chinese the Huaxun Internet's net interest, and later have a forum called Mop popularity is very busy. The concept of the human flesh search engine on the resulting. July 16, 2007, Zhang Yu Xuan is the first to become a net interest users search the popular character, later in the the Mop human flesh search concept of small and medium-sized Oriental Apple sister, cosplay, World Learning Room, wretched men, etc. with no true identity network celebrity but become a popular figure network the first human flesh search.
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Human flesh search

Human flesh search
Fully reflects the human flesh search engine "unity is strength" cruel network beautiful cat abuse incident suspects can be found in just a few days, to trace the kung fu girl behind events. A field up the war launched by the Internet users can not help people clapping and cheering, more amazing google baidu intelligent processing of natural language, even worse than the common sense of ordinary Internet users analyze enormous power to unite mind .
Human flesh search engine and participants are usually angry youth on the network, they saw the outrageous the angry thing will become dizzy, the record straight, and lost his mind. Resulting in more than more than human flesh search cases brought great harm to the people. Copper to the door "or" Faye events or behavior often appears to be just unjust, their behavior gives flesh search of the victim's life brought great impact - lose their jobs, and stigmatization. But if these young cynics can stand on the point of view of others Think, if you are a coach factory outlet victim of human flesh search everyone pointing your nose scolded you feel what?
In a "story" published a medium-length story, called "fatal Search about things together human flesh search result. The hero of the story from a human flesh search of those who launched what became the victims of human flesh search, driven out of the company by the boss, by passers pointing. Young cynics, if you, as he did, you feel would be what?
Human flesh search is known as most horrible social search. The network wanted "often made the wrong time: together the network wanted" event in recent unfortunate by users as wanted persons, his cell phone and home address and other personal information are posted on the on the network, even the 8-year-old daughter adopted privacy was announced. Therefore received a large number of harassing phone calls, life has been very coach handbags outlet disruptive, need to be resolved through legal channels. Although the power of human flesh search, but the results do more harm than good. Punishing evil and promoting the one hand, but more on the one hand is a violation of law.
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